Baby2Sleep offers you the chance to support your baby or child to fall asleep without being left to cry alone

A gentle, holistic and whole family approach to support your little one to sleep well

You are the parent, no-one knows your baby or child like you. Sometimes an outside perspective, reassurance and some evidence based knowledge is all you need to empower you to make positive change.

Are you struggling to settle your baby or child to sleep?
Is sleep deprivation affecting your family life?
Would you love to have calmer and happier bedtimes?
Are you an expectant parent who wants to know what to expect when your baby arrives?

I can help you find a solution that will meet the needs of your whole family, helping you all to sleep better and feel happier and re-energised.

I’m Nicole, a mum of two and an experienced holistic sleep coach. I’m passionate about helping families to have a positive start and sleep is such a huge part of that.

I know from first-hand experience the impact that a lack of sleep can have on relationships, physical and mental health, mood and energy levels. That’s why I’ve designed a range of courses and support packages to suit parents at all stages, from expectant parents wanting to give their baby the best possible start, to parents of babies, toddlers and children up to 6 years of age, who need positive change in their sleeping patterns.

Knowledge is power and when parents feel refreshed, empowered and confident, they are so much more able to handle the everyday challenges that parenthood brings.

Are you ready to make a change for you and your family?
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We offer you and your family the chance to bring sleep back into your home.

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Cope with the sleep deprivation that comes with a having a child that doesn't sleep well?


If your child is having sleep difficulties and you would like to know how I can help you, please get in touch for a free 15 minute chat.

Newborn Guide

“I wish I knew about this guide before I had Zach! The first few videos on preparing to become a parent, new parent feelings etc are just what you need towards the end of pregnancy. I feel like everything I did read during pregnancy was a waste of time as it all feels unrealistic and you may as well throw the books out of the window! Your videos are easy to follow and realistic to how things will actually be. And makes you realise everything you go through as a parent is normal even when you feel like you’re losing your mind haha. I like the length of the videos too. You can just do a quick module when you get 10-15 minutes.”

Build your own sleep plan

“Nicole is the most down-to-earth & lovely person you could hope to have on your side when it comes to sleep struggles! Her online courses are jam packed full of helpful information and advice & having access to her in the private FB group is worth its weight in gold. She’s super responsive at replying (I’m not sure she ever actually sleeps!) with suggestions for whatever your particular sleep dilemma is. Just knowing she’s there & on hand to help is like having your own personal sleep nanny. Thanks so much Nicole!”

Claire Louise
Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide

“The service, help and advice has been fantastic!! After 3 nights of following the advised bedtime routine, for my 2-year-old, he is asleep within 10 minutes. This has gradually gone down from 30 on the first night. It would normally take 2 hours’ish to get him to sleep, with dad and I led in bed next to him. I am now sitting in his room which is another massive achievement!! I have paid to be in the toddler group. This has over 3 hours of videos full of loads of advice from sleeping to tantrums. A massive thank you for all your help. I would recommend and will be purchasing again for the little one on the way xxx.”

Charlotte Mayes
One to One Support

“Nicole has been amazing support to both of my children. My first child had reflux and refused to sleep in a cot, by 9 months I was exhausted as he was waking every 45 minutes and being fed back to sleep. It only took a few days of working with Nicole before he was gently taught to sleep on his in his own bed, he became a happier baby and I became a happier mum! And with my second child I implemented a lot of what I learned with my first, Nicole just helped me tweak and change a few things to help her sleep really well too. We have no early wakes, they go to sleep straight away and sleep 7-7. Pick up the phone and talk to Nicole, I can’t recommend her enough xxx “

Emily Bradshaw

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