Newborn Baby Sleep Shaping


A 1 hour recorded video call to give you the tools to help optimise your baby’s sleep from birth to 6 months old. The idea is to help you understand your baby’s sleep cues, their sleep needs and help create sleep conducive routines. It is about normalising baby sleep. I do not expect a baby of this age to be ‘sleeping through the night’, however, I can help you on the path to better sleep for both you and your baby.



Newborn Sleep – Sleep Shaping £125 – 1 hour video call

This IS NOT Sleep Training or Coaching in any form. This is about normalising baby sleep for you, and giving you the chance to understand newborn baby sleep and tips and ideas on how to support your newborn baby to sleep better than they are.

  • Detailed assessment form and 48-72 hour sleep and feed diary to be completed in advance of the video call. This is to allow me time to assess your specific situation and work out where you will be able to make improvements and tweaks to make sleep more likely.
  • Giving you an understanding of newborn sleep and how it changes over the first 6 months of life
    Recording of the video call to keep and watch back.
  • Adapting your routines to be more conducive for sleep

If you wish to speak to Nicole about working together, please either book a free 15 minute call or email

Additional information

Call Length

1 Hour Call, Bundle of 3 support calls