Build Your Own Sleep Plan – 9- 12 Month Old


An online learning platform where you can learn about age appropriate sleep, the science behind sleep where you can feel confident in your methods to support your baby to sleep well.

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Do you feel you have read all you can about sleep?

Does it feel like everything you read or hear is contradictory?

Do you feel like you might as well not be reading the books because you are so tired you can’t take the information in?

Would you like someone to just tell you about baby sleep through short, easy-to-watch videos, that provide you the tools to help your baby sleep well?

If so, this is the package for you.

Nicole from Baby2Sleep has designed an online learning portal where you can find out all you need to know about baby sleep, the science behind it, and tools to help you work out what your baby needs from you to help them sleep better.

You will have the knowledge and understanding of sleep to know why certain things are happening in the night. My clients always find the tough times much easier to tolerate once they understand the ‘why’ behind them.

There is no one size fits all, so there are various methods explained so you can decide which you feel will work best for your baby and your family situation.

There are 13 bite-size videos ranging from less than 2 minutes to 15 minutes each. You can watch them on your laptop or your phone, so you can watch them at points throughout the day that fit into your busy life as a parent.

Topics covered:

  • The Science behind Sleep
  • Sleep Cycles
  • Signs of Tiredness & Overtiredness
  • Purpose of Naps
  • Age Appropriate Naps
  • Breaking Sleep Associations
  • Bedtime Routine
  • Night Weaning
  • Overview of Sleep Strategies
  • Passive Sleep Strategies
  • Gradual Retreat
  • Hug it out & Crying in Arms followed by a Closing Video.

Coming Soon … Separation Anxiety and Sleep


None of the methods I promote are about leaving a baby to cry alone. There will be tears, which is natural if you have a tired baby. However, reassuring your baby and helping them sleep well with your support and having a parent present is key.

You can make changes in your own time, and you may choose to start by working on passive strategies first, as it is always easier to get a tired baby to sleep than an overtired baby.

Each of our plans comes with 2 months online support – if you need more you can extend this once your 2 months is up.

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