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Top tips for sleep and heat.

We all love the sun… until you have a baby.

Once you have a baby, the sun becomes your sleep eater.
No-one can sleep well, and you can’t just have a lie in to catch up on sleep.

Here are some of my top tips to help you all sleep better and cool down the house.

• Open all your windows first thing in the morning and keep the curtains closed 2/3 of the way. This creates a wind tunnel throughout the floor that all the windows are open on.

• As soon as it starts to warm up outside, close all the windows and shut the curtains. If it’s hotter outside than inside, all you will be doing is letting hot air into the house.

• Use cotton bedding to help with sweating.

• Dress baby appropriately for the room temperature (see Bloom Classes chart below).

• Keep your baby hydrated. Forget feeding schedules, especially if breastfeeding. The first part of the milk during breastfeeding is like a drink. You may find baby needs a quick feed every hour just to keep them hydrated.

• If you have fan, don’t aim it directly at your baby, have it oscillating if you can to help circulate the air.

• You could try to cool the air down using damp towels in the room you are cooling, or have big bottles of frozen water in the room in the line of the fans breeze. (Not too close, you don’t want to risk electricution).

• A cooler than normal bath or shower before bed can help settle your baby’s body temperature in order to help them fall asleep at bedtime.

• DO NOT put a muslin or blanket over the pram to block out the sun. This is extremely dangerous and acts like an oven. The temperature in that small space rises so fast and can be fatal for baby’s.

• Use blackout blinds with a reflective back to reflect the heat out. These are my personal favourites – Easyblinds easynight blackout blinds 

Enjoy the sun, but stay safe.xx

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