Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide: 20 months to 6 years



Baby2Sleep has put together this comprehensive Child Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide for parents of children between 20 months and 6 years old. The guide is delivered in short video segments which you can watch in any order.

Nicole, like a lot of people, didn’t find parenting as easy as she thought it would be, and she is not embarrassed to say that she struggled. Nicole struggled with sleep, behaviour, and managing a very strong-willed toddler, who eventually turned into a different type of challenge with big emotions to manage.

Nicole knows she is not alone in her expectations not quite matching the reality, and is fully aware that getting help can be costly or hard to access.

This is why after 4 years studying and practicing sleep and behaviour, Nicole has created various online courses to help and support exhausted parents who may need a support guide and a helping hand to hold.

You can read about the Child Behaviour and Sleep Support Guide for parents of 20 month old to 6 year old children here.

At this age, trouble sleeping isn’t always about what happens at night – it’s good to look at certain parts of the daytime routine too in order to solve the puzzle.

Children are developing at a remarkable rate at this age, and as parents, we need to take these changes into consideration, while also setting boundaries and gently guiding them, so that when it’s time to rest they are ready willing and able to sleep.

To read more about this course, you can click here where you will be directed to the course platform.

You can also read more about a mums experience with the programme here

Please know that parenting is not easy, so if you are struggling, it is totally normal and it is OK. There is help available to hold your hand on your journey.

Each of our plans comes with 2 months of online support – if you need more you can extend this once your 2 months is up.