Baby Sleep Support – 1 Hour Video Call




Baby Sleep Support understanding baby sleep – 1 Hour Video Call £99

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Do you want to understand what is currently going on with your babies sleep but aren’t necessarily looking for a sleep plan? Would you like to make some subtle changes in your baby’s sleep that can make a difference and help improve sleep? If so, this may be for you.

  • Detailed assessment form and 48-72 hour sleep diary to be completed in advance of the video call. This is to allow me time to assess your specific situation and work out what changes will make the biggest difference to your baby’s overall sleep/
  • Recording of the video call to keep and watch back.
  • Adapting your routines to be more conducive for sleep

Bundle of 3 support calls for £100 or £40 each

If you wish to speak to Nicole about working together you can book a free 15 minute call or email


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