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Baby2Sleep- A Day In The Life Introduction

I’m Nicole, I’m 38 and mum to a beautiful 4 year old called Sofia.
I am due baby number 2 via a planned C-Section on March 16th 2020. (The section is not my personal choice but unfortunately the option I have for health reasons).
I am also a sleep coach and support families who struggle with sleep deprivation due to their baby or child struggling to sleep well.
I will be writing a blog about my life as a mum to a newborn while looking after a 4 year old.

Sounds so normal doesn’t it?
If you have ever followed me on Facebook, you will know that nothing about my life fits into the ‘normal’ category.
I am outspoken, non-judgmental and very real, which does get me into trouble sometimes.
I am sick of the perfectionist look that is given to mums that paves the way to mum guilt and striving to be someone they are not.

I will be telling it as it is.
The struggles I had with Sofia with feeding and sleep.
The marriage difficulties.
The health implications.
Why I changed my career to become a sleep coach.
My pregnancy journey this time around, the ups and the downs.
The good and bad advice I’ve been given.
The difficult decisions I’ve had to make.
The laughs with my daughter throughout the pregnancy.
The birth, the aftercare and the reality of what is in store.

It’s not going to be perfect
I am fully aware that Sofia will be jealous, even though she will dote on her sister, and this is normal and expected.
I am fully aware that my baby won’t sleep (not because I’m not good at what I do, but because it is biologically normal for them to not sleep as newborns) even though they are supposed to sleep for 20 hours a day.
I am fully expecting to have issues breastfeeding.
I am expecting to be told I can’t breastfeed and to make the choice between my health and feeding the new baby formula, or to hold of on my medication to breastfeed and potentially get ill myself.
I am fully expecting a flare up of my Ulcerative Colitis.
I am expecting another infection in my C-Section wound like last time.

I want you to know that what you feel is normal
You may be wondering why the hell I would want to note this journey down as it sounds like it’s going to be incredibly hard.
It’s because I want everyone to know that the daily struggle is real.
I want people to know it’s ok to not be ok.
I want people to know that whatever they decide to do for their baby, their family, their sanity, is ok.
I want people to know they are not alone on this journey.
They are not alone in their frustrations and their anger. (Hormones have a lot to answer for).
I want to record the amazing times, as there will be so many.
Noting the good stuff may help people weigh up the good and the bad and realise it isn’t as bad as they think.

Sharing tips
I want to share my sleep tips as I go on my own journey with a new baby.
I had no idea what I was doing the first time round, and I’m hoping my new knowledge will be able to get me through better to be able to share my tips and advice with others to help them on their journey.
I want people to know it is normal to struggle.
It is normal to struggle with feeding.
It is normal to struggle with sleep and for baby’s not to ‘sleep through the night’ at 4/5 months old.
It is normal to want to shout at the world.
It is normal to cry at nothing.
This journey is real, open and honest.
I can’t wait to share it with you all.
Nicole x

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