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Hi, I m Nicole Ratcliffe

I am a mum to 2 beautiful girls, Sofia and Alyssia based in South Manchester, and I support parents suffering from sleep deprivation due to their baby not sleeping well.

Nicole started studying the complex nature of baby and child sleep after a very difficult start with Sofia and her unwillingness to sleep, which led to the near breakdown of her marriage, along with her physical and mental health.

Since 2017, Nicole has being changing the lives of families around the world by re-introducing sleep back into families lives. Nicole has studied gentle sleep training,  an in-depth study of Holistic Sleep Coaching through BabyEm along with a toddler and preschool behaviour course in order to make sure that all parents really understand sleep, and look at the whole picture of daytime and night time to help implement changes.

To understand sleep is half the battle when helping your baby sleep well which is why Nicole not only offers personalised one to one support but created an award winning online course for parents with babies between 6 and 24 months.

Nicole knows that not every family needs the in-depth 121 support and coaching, yet still need some degree of help, and that the right knowledge and guidance can make huge differences in peoples lives when it comes to supporting a baby to sleep well.

This is the reason this course has been designed. If you need help with naps, it’s covered, night weaning, it’s here, gentle sleep training and options, they are covered, sleep associations and helping to break them, included, along with so much more useful information.

This is the first online course aimed specifically at parents with this in-depth knowledge that can help improve your families sleep. You can make changes as and when you feel ready, as you always have access to the information.

If you would like to understand baby sleep, and would like to help your baby sleep well, this is for you.

However, if you feel you need the personal guidance and in depth one to one support, you can also get this from Nicole.To book a free 15 minute call to decide what is right for you, you can click here.


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